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Art of Hosting Karlskrona (Sweden)

Art of Hosting Karlskrona is a 3-day training event designed to help you learn simple, yet powerful processes that build community, activate collective intelligence and foster individual and collaborative leadership practices.

Overarching theme: Walking the Pathway of Purpose

  • How can we create spaces for people to come together in conversation and action that energizes transformative change?
  • How do we nourish authenticity in individuals and communities?
  • How can we inspire each other to take the next steps in our own journey of purpose?

This training marks the 6th year of collaboration between the Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability programme (MSLS)  and the Art of Hosting community.  We believe that a key part of education is helping to make us prepared and skilled to work well with our colleagues, constituents, teams and our wider community -- to build capacity for the future. This is a unique collaboration amongst MSLS, Kaospilots, Knowmads and innovative tertiary trainings.  

Methods and tools to be explored:
Circle Practice
Appreciative Inquiry
8 Breaths of Design
World Cafe
Open Space
Chaordic Stepping Stones

The training is supported by an international Hosting Team.