Coaching. Let's focus on you and your business for a second.

Go deep on what's on your mind. And not merely as long as when social convention requires you to switch.

Sit with your questions longer than the rush of the day normally allows.


I'll listen. And I'll also advice. I'm warm and friendly. And I'll be crudely honest. I'm unbiased. And I'll hold you accountable.

You'll have my full undivided attention. You'll have my full arsenal of tools, exercises and questions, at your service.

This is for

This is for freelancers or creative entrepreneurs, who want to develop a strong strategy for their business.

What does your business model & pricing look like? Have you thought strategically about your marketing & sales? How do you organise yourself for optimal personal effectiveness?

Or for creatives who want help developing a deep sense of purpose in their work.

What's the vision you seek to create? What's important to you? What do you seek to contribute and leave behind on this world?

Sessions or “Dial G for George”


My fee is €150 per session (excl. VAT). That’s €100 an hour for a 1,5 hour session.

We can go session by session. Planning whenever you feel you need one. Great for quick jolts of help, concrete questions, or help thinking through a challenge.

Or, when the complexity of your question requires this, a few sessions might be more beneficial. This allows us to get to know each other and to use homework exercises in between.

A series also changes the approach. It allows us to focus each session on a specific topic and allow them to continually build on each other without needing resolution after each individual session.

For more diligent and deeper purpose or strategy development, we would usually spend 3-4 sessions. We will determine this in the first session.

For a package of 4 sessions, I have a discounted price of €495 (excl. VAT).

Where: In Utrecht. I’ll take care of the space. Either at Ruimte voor Aandacht (close to train station Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn), my office at De Stadstuin 20, or we'll go for a walk.

Dial G for George


  1. €50 a month: Sometimes we meet. Often it's phone calls or emails.
  2. €100 a month: We meet every month for a coaching session.
  3. €200 a month: We meet every month and I keep you accountable.

Some rules of the game:

  • €50 a month is less than I charge for a session. So, we'll apply a "fair use policy" to this and monitor gently whether it stays fair. Sometimes less, sometimes more. If you feel you need way more above this fair use, we can of course schedule more sessions for an additional fee.
  • Phone calls and meetings in the afternoon please.
  • Per month is per calendar month, invoiced at the beginning of the month. Roughly. I simply don't want to keep track of days.
  • Cancel at any time. I don't send invoices for work we don't both agree on.

After coaching you feel sharp, clear and energised to get to work. And, you think "I should do this more often".

BUT, we don't schedule a new meeting until a problem has gotten big enough. Then we wait until after we've gotten clear what the question is and figured out who the right person for it is.

This way, a lot of time passes until you get it resolved. Stagnation. Frustration. Time spend on less than optimal effectivity. Get ahead of this and stay in continuous clarity and focus.

Plus, not everything warrants a full on coaching session. Often it feels like overkill. But many things would help to be resolved quickly with some outside guidance and to talk it through with someone who understands your situation.

That's why I offer Dial G for George: a subscription to coaching with me. Access to me for those moments where you need some guidance, advice, to talk something over, small or big. Sometime you might need more, sometimes

With my Dial G for George, you structurally integrate your development in your business. Not a one time quick fix. But continuous growth.

This isn't a substitute for a Strategy Coaching Track. This is primarily for people who have their basics figured out and want more help staying on track to reach their goals. Alumni of my programs and coaching tracks are a perfect example.

  • I've got this option for a project to take on. It's a bit out of left field. Should I agree to this?
  • What price should I put on this proposal?
  • I've been struggling to get clients, what should I do?
  • I've been thinking about focusing more on X, but I really like to do Y as well. How should I go about this?

Contact me and we’ll get started!

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What others said

Tijmen challenges you to dive deeper into what drives you and what it is you want. To then translate this dream into the first concrete steps that you can start with that same day. He helps you build a bridge between ‘dreaming about’ and ‘just starting’. But starting with a vision that supports it!
It showed that he just really likes to listen! He asks great questions that lead us to the deeper core of my story.
A walk with a friend that just listens to you, hears what goes on in your mind and what you encounter. Sometimes holding a mirror in front of you, sometimes asking the right question and sometimes adding another perspective on it. But most of all he listens and walks with you. It really helps you to look differently at things.