Let me help you live life with more curiosity! To discover your purpose. And to fill your life with meaning.

Imagine what that will do to your business. Your relationships. Your happiness.

I want to help you discover!

Everyone can use help every once in awhile. Acknowledging this need or desire for help is the first step towards growth. Plus, it’s more fun together and there is simply no reason to do everything alone.

My coaching can have three areas of focus. We can focus on one, or all of them. The program we agree upon will be a reflection of your needs and the questions you hold.


(1) Curiosity Mindset

Your mindset is your outlook towards life. It determines what grabs your attention and how you interpret what you see. It’s like an operating system of your brain. Ready for an upgrade? Lets explore where you can become more curious. To grow more. To be open to the new and unknown. Even to go so far as wanting the unknown. Because that’s where we learn! To unleash your learning is to create a sense of free-will. To want something, is to be able to do it.

We’ll find out how to use curiosity to allow you to learn from each interaction. From each endeavor. From feedback. We’ll dive into how you can improve yourself by 1% each day. How to deal with challenges and obstacles. We will create little experiments and positive feedback loops. These will make learning addictive and build more trust in your growth capabilities.

(2) Purpose Discovering

Maybe you feel like you want to do stuff but have no idea what. Everything sounds important. At the same time, nothing does. Or maybe you feel stress having to choose something. It sounds like you want to find your purpose. You want to do work that fulfills you. To work from that place of clarity and energy.

But finding your life’s purpose can seem like an insurmountable task. I’ve been there. Struggled with every aspect of it. From the “But I also like these other things”. To the “I’m shit scared to tell others”. Or the “Who am I to say this is my purpose". And the "I have no idea how to pull it off”.

I don’t have your answers. It’s your purpose after all. But I can help you navigate the complexity of it. Together we can discover what drives you. What you find meaningful. To combine that with what you like doing and your are good at. You’ll get more clarity on who you are. It will help you in developing a compass for making decisions.

Also, read the guide that I wrote about this. You can get it by signing up for my monthly newsletter (which is pretty awesome as well).

(3) Strategy Building

Maybe you know what you want to achieve but have no idea where or how to start. I can help you turn your dreams and ideas into strategies and wise action. This will include translating dreams and ideas into goals. To be very clear on the purpose of it. Finding a strategy to reach the goals. Including a plan with steps that are easy (or at least clear) to take.

We will get there by getting clarity on the purpose of the idea. Breaking large problems down into smaller chunks. Switch from focusing on results to focusing on progress. Creating actions and daily habits you can control. Having a closer look at the obstacles. Both internally and externally. And diving into loads of life hacks and tips and tricks.

How I coach

When coaching, I listen unconditionally and without judgement. I will hold space for your thoughts for you to explore. And I’ll ask questions to deepen them. Check my understanding with you. Together we will navigate the complexity of you. Create a little space for you to observe. I will challenge you to look differently at your thoughts and assumptions. We might discover believes that have been holding you back. Homework exercises and experiments may come up.

I base my coaching on stuff I know personally. On the years struggling with these same questions about purpose and entrepreneurship. On the knowledge and insights I’ve gained from years of hosting groups and participating in over 100 workshops. On having studied even more on the topics. I know quite some live hacks and tricks of the trade.

Practical Stuff

Every program starts with a first conversation. Here we explore the question you hold. Together we decide what type of program and how many sessions would fit your needs.

We tend to need about 4-5 meetings. Normally spread out over a period of 2-3 months. We could go for an intensive and faster program. Or for a longer program to go deeper. Totally dependent on your needs. Or maybe you prefer singular sessions. Like occasional fix-me-ups. That is possible too.

I work on a pay-as-you-feel basis. Which means that afterwards you determine how much it was worth to you. (If you work for a company that needs a fixed price, we can discuss this too).

Oh and we can do this both in Dutch or in English.

Contact me and lets find out

So, I don’t claim to be able to help everyone. It has to be a fit between us. But contact me, and we’ll find out soon enough!

If, after a first conversation we come to the conclusion that we shouldn’t work together, that one is completely free. No need to stress over this. Like I said I have to fit with you and vice versa. So contact me if you’re curious to explore the options.

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What others said

Tijmen challenges you to dive deeper into what drives you and what it is you want. To then translate this dream into the first concrete steps that you can start with that same day. He helps you build a bridge between ‘dreaming about’ and ‘just starting’. But starting with a vision that supports it!
It showed that he just really likes to listen! He asks great questions that lead us to the deeper core of my story.
A walk with a friend that just listens to you, hears what goes on in your mind and what you encounter. Sometimes holding a mirror in front of you, sometimes asking the right question and sometimes adding another perspective on it. But most of all he listens and walks with you. It really helps you to look differently at things.