The Freelancer Hourly Rate Calculator

I keep running into freelancers and entrepreneurs who have no idea what to charge. Now, while pricing as a whole might be complex, the part where you calculate what you need to at least charge is fairly straightforward. So, I think that's a shame and I decided to build The Freelancer Hourly Rate Calculator.


Use it to calculate:

  • What revenue you need to make in order to earn your income,
  • The rate your need to charge to earn what you want,
  • How many hours you need to bill per week to reach your revenue goal.

It's a spreadsheet. Now, I now what you're thinking. "Ugh, spreadsheets. I don't know how to use Excel." But, not to worry! I've done everything I could to set it up more like an interactive blog post. You fill in a few numbers, answers some questions and it will give you the answers.

You simply download the Calculator, open the spreadsheet, and I'll explain along the way how to use it. You can have a sneak peek on the picture to the right.

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Enjoy and make a ruckus!

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