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Download the Hourly Rate Calculator v2!

Learn to ask for better rates with this Freelancer Hourly Rate Calculator v2 and the Hourly Rate Report 2018!

I created this, because, too often, I run into freelancers who simply don't know what a good hourly rate is.

NO MORE! Download it now for free. And use it to calculate:

  • The rate your need to charge to earn what you want,
  • What revenue you need to make in order to earn your income and save for the future,
  • How many hours you need to invoice per week to reach your revenue goal.
  • What you'd earn when you charge the average rate that others charge in your industry,

My Writing

I write about entrepreneurship, productivity, curiosity and the little weird things about life I've learned. Don't know where to start? Check out my 'best of' selection -> here.

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