Who's George? What I believe in

Everything I do is about enabling people to look at the world with eyes full of curiosity. To get to a point where we can be aware of our assumptions and look with open eyes. To postpone our judgement and remember that everyone's actions make sense to them. What can we learn when we try to understand somebody else's actions from their perspective?

What would the world be like when we would act from a mindset of curiosity and a place of abundance and understanding? Studio George was born from this question. I have a desire to create a better - and frankly a happier - world by inspiring people to be curious. And enabling people to create that space between observation and reaction.

Google Curious+George and you'll even understand what that monkey is doing here.

Be in curiosity. Don’t let expectations blindfold you. Open your eyes.

Wander through this world. Observe what’s happening. Listen. Take pause.

Create space. Explore the unknown. Smile at what you don’t understand.

Be in curiosity. And don’t take yourself so fucking seriously.
— me

What I do

I help creative entrepreneurs get as smart about their business strategy as they are geniuses in their craft. To get clarity on what it is they want to accomplish and help them develop a plan.

That takes the form of training or coaching. Sometimes it's writing. Sometimes it's starting a community of learners. And often it's reading, listening and asking questions.

So contact me for:

  1. A creative entrepreneur? Join one of my trainings or programs or I'd be happy to coach you personally on tough decisions, developing a strategy and compass.
  2. I'm always ready to help you design or host a process for an icky and complex situation that needs new solutions.
  3. In company, I can offer workshops on "Disruptive Mindset", "Growth Mindset", "Listening" and "Personal Manifesto".
  4. And of course, you can just hang out here and browse for inspiration through my blog and my favorite things!

Who I surround myself with

It's often said you're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Luckily I surround myself with amazing people. I hold an office with some amazing entrepreneurs (Gijs, JorgJoost & Mara) in De Stadstuin Utrecht (a co-working space full with creative entrepreneurs). I'm part of a vast network of Art of Hosting practitioners, a community of givers in KULA, and of a community of learners of De Universiteit. And I'm always in different projects where I work with a lot of people that inspire me.

Just look at that beautiful face ;)


But but but. A résumé?

Oh yeah, résumé stuff! To give you an idea of what I've done and how I've ended up where I am.

I studied physics (MSc in Utrecht, 2007), traveled around the globe once, worked at a prestigious strategy consulting firm for the public sector (Andersson Elffers Felix) for three years (2010-13).

I co-started a university (De Universiteit) in 2011, and was involved in launching a gap year program (Breekjaar) in 2013. In 2016-17, I've been involved in running Knowmads (a creative business school that educates change makers) and coaching student on their creative projects.

Have been hosting workshops and conversations professionally since 2012. Started "sort of coaching" (or more precisely listening and asking powerful questions) in 2014. I've been running my own business under the moniker Studio George since 2013.

For a more comprehensive list of everything I've done, check out my Linkedin-profile.