Hourly Rate Report 2018

In the fall 2018, I send out a questionnaire to freelancers. Asking them about the hourly rates that they charge. Because, it's one thing to know what you need to charge in order to generate enough revenue, it matters of course what others charge in your marketplace.

As I write this, 62 generous people have filled it in. Of course, these are not amounts scientific studies brag about. But, I'm super pleased with it. It's a tricky subject to get people to talk about. And that so many of you cared enough and trusted me with this info flatters me! Thank you!

In the questionnaire, I've distinguished between type of industry (creative, consulting, training, etc) and type of clients (corporate, small businesses, etc). I asked for the rate per hour, for short and for longer projects. I also asked how long they've been in this business and how they rate the quality of their work.

I bundled the the results in a fancy report. Check out the first 4 pages here.

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