Coaches call me crazy

There's a piece of advice I've been given by coaches. I've also read it in books. And it's also been told to me in workshops. It's good advice. It's advice I believe in. Heck, it's what I advise freelancers myself. It's a two-parter:

"As a freelancer, you have the advantages of being small. You don't have the burden of needing millions of revenue. You can pick a small and specific group and completely wow them. And, if you get to choose, why pick the ones that won't pay?"

It's very hard to sell a €200-400 product to 100-200 different clients (each year). It's too many. On the other end of the spectrum, it's nearly impossible to simply start and go out and sell €50.000 projects to clients.

The sweet spot is in the middle. Sell €2.000-4.000 projects to 10-20 clients a year. Still not easy, but definitely possible.

If you can choose, pick the ones where you and what you offer are wanted. That way, you can leverage the value you bring more and thus it results in an easier business.

Now, from a viewpoint of consistency, I should probably follow my own advice. However, here I am creating strategy programs for creative independent entrepreneurs. A group that's cash-strapped and not used to spending a lot on developing themselves (forgive my generalization).

How do you sell something to them for a few thousand euros while that's roughly their revenue for a good month? I don't know. When you are one of them, you tell me!

That means that I end up trying to do the very hard thing of finding 100-200 participants a year for my programs, that each pay €200-400.

Selling something that's 10 times cheaper might be easier. It's definitely not 10 times easier. Resulting in making an already hard journey very daunting.

So, why do I do this?

Because I love helping this group. It's a group that has a spirit of autonomy. Thinks the world is malleable and that they have a role to play in changing it. Prestigious gimmicks don't interest them. They want to create. It's an inspirational bunch.

And it's so gratifying to work for them. This amazing group that badly wants to create beautiful work. Badly wants to make the world better. And, it's a joy to turn on lights in their heads and to give them the tools and clarity to create a business out of their work.

I'm not alone in this. Many have noticed and have started offering workshops and programs to them. Often out of their own naive enthusiasm. I get their desire.

But, that you have something to share, doesn't necessarily make you a good teacher. It takes time and practice. That you can give them something, doesn't mean that enough people will automatically listen. It takes time and consistent quality to build up that brand. It has and will continue to take time for me to build that up. How many will stay the course, go through the dip of actually becoming a great teacher that people trust?

And, paradoxically, I simply love the challenge... I'm not interested to pursue an easy path. There's a small chance that it's a little sadomasochistic. Why take the easy road when we can make it complicated? My wiring is a little off that way. Or perhaps I'm picking this impossible road, just so to have an excuse if I fail. Who knows.

But, if a crazy person like me doesn't do it, who will?

And I happen to believe that that it's a good reason. I might be wrong. But I'm up for the challenge.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this helps you. If so, sharing the article with a friend really helps others find it too. Would be much appreciated!

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