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2-Month Strategy Program

  • The Bookie Oudegracht aan de Werf 105 3511 AL, Utrecht Netherlands (map)

Level-up your business. Become as business savvy, as you’re a creative genius.

A two-month program, October 8th - December 7th, for creatives who want to level up their business. A blend between offline sessions, online homework and a cohort.

Gain clarity on what it is you seek to create, how to structure your business, how to set up your marketing effectively and how to get the most important work done.

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It’s like a fog has lifted. Instead of being confused by all the options, it’s clear what path to take.

Who is it for?

This is perfect for independent creatives/freelancers, who:

  • offer creative services or products to clients;
  • have been at it for a 1/2 to roughly 3 years;
  • generally organise their business blindly intuitively and want to level up and become more business savvy.
  • are committed to playfully do some heavy lifting and learn!

Who want to learn:

  • how to level-up their business,
  • how to set up their marketing,
  • how to structure their business,
  • how to price their products,
  • how to do their most important work.

To name a few who I've helped previously:

  • Photographers, designers and film makers; communication specialists, writers, singers and IT-specialists;
  • Trainers, facilitators, change makers and coaches;
  • Jewellery makers, bakers, chefs, bicycle specialists and painters.

In some cases, a team of 2 can fit this bill too. Contact me if that's the case. More or less experience but still feel like you want to join? Contact me!

While the set-up allows you to do this on your own schedule, this is not to be taken lightly. We'll do real work and heavy lifting!

This is not a start-up accelerator. This is not for entrepreneurs mass-producing generic products.

Fall Program.jpg
Bring it on! I know what to do.

The set-up: How does this work?

While, Two Day Intensives are great to dive deep to gain new insights in a short intense period of time. This program runs for a longer period so you can start to implement and test your learnings as we go.


It starts October 8 and runs until December 7.

During that period, we'll have 4 live sessions together. These are like mini-trainings. They'll take place on Wednesday evenings, every other week (on October 10 and 24, November 7 and 21).

Every week, you'll recieve a homework exercise. These you can finish during that week at a time that fits your own schedule. These will greatly deepen your learning.

The Cohort

All the while, you'll be connected to me and your fellow participants through an online platform (Slack). Your cohort is your peer group with which you share your journey. The more you put in, the more you get out.

You'll be asked to share your homework with the co-hort and give others feedback. Besides getting mega-valuable feedback yourself, but also becuase by having to zoom out and look at someone else's business, you gain a new level of understanding of your own business.

Plus, sharing your goals with each other gives you allies in the work and keeps you accountable!

The live Sessions

The 4 sessions each have a different focus. They're like mini-trainings.

  1. Purpose (October 17): Aka you and your dreams. Whereto do you want it to lead? Why do you do what you do? And, what is your Work?

  2. Business Model (October 31): Aka you and the it. What is your business model? What do you price the products in your portfolio? And, what path for growth will you take?

  3. Marketing (November 14): Aka you and the other. Who is it for? How do you design your marketing so you can market effectively? And, what do you do to increase your sales?

  4. Getting it done (November 28): Aka you and your critical self. How to go forward? How to get out of your own way and do it? And, what's the hard part?

Time Investment

The more you put in, the more you get out. Besides the live sessions, you'll be asked to do homework, share it and give feedback to 3 others. It's up to you to decide how much time you spend on it. This can be done in around 1-4 hours a week. Again, it's largely up to you. The more you give, the more you get.

I experienced an unexpected relaxation from the increased clarity and overview that I gained

Price it yourself

I like to work on a "pay as you feel" basis. For each of you, the session will have a different value. So, after the training, you yourself are the one who determines what it was worth it to you. Hard to go wrong there.

This, of course, can be strange and difficult. So, I’ve come up with three rules.

1) The program has a price range. A minimum and a maximum price. For this program it's €200-400 (excl. VAT).

2) After the training, you place your number on that line based on a) How much value it has brought you and b) How much you can miss. I’ll send you an invoice.

3) Other than that, you’ve got complete freedom to come up with the number. No judgement. No questions asked. Honestly.

I was always bad at planning and structure, now I notice myself helping others with it.

Practical Information

When: October 8 until December 7.

Date & Time of the Live Sessions: 4 Wednesday evenings 18:30-21:30, on October 17 and 31, November 14 and 28.

Where: Social Impact Factory, Vredenburg 40, Utrecht.

Availability: I've limited the session to 8 people max.

Price: This first longer program goes for a greatly reduced price. The Pay-as-you-feel range is between €200-€400 (excl. VAT).

Language: English. Or Dutch when we all speak it.

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