Give your dreams the gift of a solid strategy so they can become reality!

Become as business savvy, as you’re a creative genius.

Gain the confidence to stop playing small.

I offer trainings to completely overhaul your business and build it up smartly so it support your dreams. They come in different flavours: 

  1. The 2-Day Strategy Intensive. Two full days of distraction-free focus. An intensive boost for your business.

  2. The 2-Month Strategy Program. Runs for two months. Online weekly material and homework, four bi-weekly mini-trainings (on Wednesday evenings). Do it while you run your business. A two-month commitment, that allows for more flexibility.


Why Develop your Strategy?

It's your business. It's your life. So, what do you want to create for yourself? If you could dream, what are you hoping to accomplish?

And, if you’re serious about your dreams and your business, why leave it to chance? A solid strategy greatly increases your chances of hitting the mark!

Having clarity on your mission makes it much easier to make decisions. Motivation is always near because you know why you do what you do. 

And knowing what (not) to do, greatly increases your ability to relax too. 

Taking time to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship creates room for creative thinking and solutions. Like x-ray vision to see clearly.

Developing a solid strategy might not be the sexiest. But it gives you a plan and confidence; gives you focus to go twice as fast. And that’s damn sexy!

Why Join a Training?

Level up together! Learn more about what goes into being an entrepreneur. Spend time thinking about what's next for you.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Sure you have people around you. Friends want to help you. But do they know enough about it? Entrepreneur "colleagues" know what it's like, but can you ask them for hours or days of their time to go deep to completely focus on you?

You could figure it out yourself. But, the internet is incredible chaotic. And, you can also reclaim that time and spend it on your business.

You could sit down yourself. But, do you really get to do so for longer than 5 minutes in the day-to-day? Imagine spending a full day on your business!

Plus, your fellow participants are invaluable with their insights!

In the end, the weight of making decisions is still all on you. Give yourself this gift to be helped. To be guided by the right process. By someone who understands what you're going through.

Sounds like something you could use? I would love to be of help! Scroll down to sign up below.

It’s like a fog has lifted. Instead of being confused by all the options, it’s clear what path to take.

Who is this for?

This is perfect for independent creatives/freelancers, who offer creative services or products to clients; have been at it for a half to roughly 3 years; mostly organise their business on blind intuition and want to level up and become more business savvy.

In the past years participants ranged from: Photographers, designers and film makers; communication specialists, writers, singers and IT-specialists; trainers, facilitators, change makers and coaches; jewellery makers, bakers, chefs, bicycle specialists and painters. The list of creatives goes on!

Teams of 2 are welcome too. Contact me if that's the case. More or less experience but still feel like you want to join? Contact me!

My trainings are not to be taken lightly. We'll do real work and heavy lifting! While the set-up allows you to do this on your own schedule.

[This is not a start-up accelerator. This is not for entrepreneurs mass-producing generic products.]

Bring it on! I know what to do now.

What we'll cover

The journey of my trainings will take you from your dreams and your vision, to formulating a mission and crystallising your goals for your business.

There is so much information out there. I'll give you frameworks and models to greatly simplify your business structure. We'll cover the types of business out there, financial structure, pricing. We’ll develop your business model.

We'll get formulate your value proposition, make you 'product-market-fit' and build up your sales funnel with actionable habits.

And we'll take more time designing the right structure so that everything you do is aligned to help you reach your goals. We'll spend time on 'the hard thing' of your business and 'the dip' and much more. We’ll break it down into actionable steps in a planning to give you focus

The details? Programme elements include: Visioning, Goal Setting, Budgeting Basics, Business Models & Pricing, Growth Paths, Value-Proposition and Brand Identity, Product-Market Fit, Sales, Planning and more.

2-Day Strategy Intensive

Want to go deep in a short time? Really sit with it for 2 full days without other distractions. Like with a complicated mental puzzle, give your thoughts and business the space they need to take apart and put back together again?

2-Day Strategy Program

The Strategy Program runs for two months. You get weekly material and homework to develop your strategy step by step. You're connected to me and your cohort in an online platform where you'll be asked to share that homework to get mega-valuable feedback!

Plus, there are 4 offline workshops (Wednesday evenings), every other week.

This allows you to go deeper over a longer period of time, while still being able to combine it with running your business. Actually, because you keep running your business while you participate in the program, you get to test what works, what's important to you and come back to the group with your learnings.

I experienced an unexpected relaxation from the increased clarity and overview that I gained

How we'll work

In these masterclasses, I'll use all the models, live-hacks and techniques on the subject that I've collected, used and adapted over the years. It'll be an eclectic mix of approaches.

From brainstorming for new ideas, to decision making on what not to do.

From me teaching theory and models, to you doing exercise to find out what is true for you.

From learning individually, to helping each other (and getting help from others).

From high energy games, to slowing down to reflect.

From using structure for simplicity, to using it to see where there's friction.

I like working in such a small group so I’ll have the space and attention to really work with each of you.

Why believe me?

I’ve been organising workshops and my own trainings since 2011. I've coached, hosted and organised sessions for about 3.000 people since then. Specifically, I've organised 13 of these strategy intensives over the last 4 years, helping over 80 creative entrepreneurs.

Every time I organise it, I overhaul the program to improve upon the previous edition. I add my current thinking on entrepreneurship and what I’ve discovered to be most useful in helping entrepreneurs plan for their year.

Much of it is based on researching what helped the most successful ones. Much of it is based on how I've dealt with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

And don't believe me. Check out some of the testimonials previous participants left below.

Price it yourself

I like to work on a "pay as you feel" basis. For each of you, the session will have a different value. So, after the training, you yourself are the one who determines what it was worth it to you. Hard to go wrong there.

This, of course, can be strange and difficult. So, I’ve come up with three rules. 

1) Every training has a price range. A minimum and a maximum price. The range of the 2-day Strategy Intensive is €175-€350 (excl. VAT). The Two-Month Strategy Program has a range of €300-600 (excl. VAT). You’ll receive an invoice afterward. 

2) After the training, you place your number on that line based on a) How much value it has brought you and b) How much you can miss.

3) Other than that, you’ve got complete freedom to come up with the number. No judgement. No questions asked. Honestly.

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