Wheel of Life

This exercise is called the Wheel of Life and is by Tony Robbins. It's like an audit of your life. For 7 areas of your life, you'll rate on a scale of 1 to 10, a) how happy you are with your current state in that area, and b) how you would like to feel.

Try to be explicit. Better to give drastic rates than only fives and sevens. It paints a much clearer picture.

Area of your life How happy are you? How would you like to feel?
1. Health, wellness, vitality and energy of your physical body
2. Peace of mind, emotional stability, and minute-to-minute psychology
3. Current intimate relationship? (If you are not currently in an intimate relationship, please rate your past or most recent relationship)
4. Personal productivity and performance at home or in your workplace
5. Fulfilment by your work
6. Financial situation, both present and future
7. Your ability to lead, help and contribute to the lives of others

When you're done, visualise your wheel of life using a spider chart.

How you do so is up to you. The crazier and more creative, the better. But I'm a simple creature. Here's how I would do it:

Wheel of Life.jpg

Here is a description how to do it, in ridiculous detail, that completely overcomplicates the exercise:

  1. Draw 7 lines of the same length, coming from the mid-point of a piece of paper, and evenly distributed in a circle (for the exact beings among us, 360/7=51 degrees apart.
  2. Each of the 7 'pie parts' of your circle represents 1 of the 7 areas of your life. Name each one.
  3. Put 10 axis tick marks along each line. 0 at the center, 10 at the end of the line.
  4. Use the rates of your current states to draw a line between the 2 axes of the pie part of that area of your life at the tick mark corresponding to your rate. Do the same for the desired state. Do so for each of the 7 areas.
  5. You can fill up the space between the center and the level of your current rates. This will show you where the holes in your wheel are.
  6. Alternatively, and different than what I did in the picture above, you could make the differences between your desired and current state pop a little more, by filling up the space between the current state and the desired state using a marker with a color that has a high contrast with the paper. So, not yellow on orange, ahem.

So, your wheel probably doesn't look like a wheel. But it sure shows, what areas of life you'd like to work on most.