Goal Setting

A few notes about Goal Setting

  1. It’s not about the goal. It’s about the person you have to become to achieve it.

  2. It’s not about detaching from the present, but it’s about creating progress, forward momentum and improving.

  3. It’s not about having to, it’s about wanting to.

  4. It’s about being pro-active instead of having other people and factors determine your goals. Yes, you’ll change and the targets will move along the way. But you can adjust when in progress.

  5. Separate the end and mean goals. What is it you’re actually after? What goals are actually means to an end?

The Exercise

Take 30 minutes to write down everything that you dream about doing, accomplishing, experiencing, being able to do, in the following areas (pick a sheet per area):

  • Wealth & Livelihood -> career. money. work. network. resources.

  • Health, Body & Wellness -> healing. fitness. food. rest & relaxation. mental health. movement.

  • Happiness & Relationships -> friendship. family. collaboration. home. space. possessions. travel. gifts. romance.

  • Growth & Creativity -> artistic and self-expression. interests. education. hobbies.

  • Impact, Contribution & Society -> community. causes. impact. helping. movements.

This should result in a looooooong list. Also write down all the commitments you currently have.

Now, you want your goals to be SMART. That is:

Specific -> Move away from the vague general words and make them tangible and super specific. Can someone else understand what you mean?

Measurable -> Is there a way to say you’ve accomplished the goal? 

Attainable -> If it’s unrealistic, it’s a false goal and it won’t be motivating.

Relevant -> Delete the ones that don’t matter to you.

Timely -> Put a deadline on it. A goal without a deadline is just a dream. If deadline is in say 5 years, what does it need to be in 1 year?

For example: “Run more” is smart, but not SMART. “Run 10 kilometers within 42 minutes before the end of the year” is.

“Earn more money” is not SMART. “Earn €10k in Q1 2019” is.

So, most importantly: Be super specific and put a deadline to these goals. 

Picking & Cementing 

Start on a fresh piece of paper.

Pick the 10 most important 1 year goals you have (at least one per area of your life). 

Remember focus! Warren Buffett would say that the list of all the other goals are your Avoid-At-All-Cost-List.

Write them down in a statement: “I am going to do … by … !”

When you have these goals, write down for each goal why you’re absolutely committed to achieve it.

Write down the potential obstacles, what you can do about them and what help you need with each goal.

Share these 10 with the group.