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Strategy Session - Mission

  • Social Impact Factory Utrecht 40 Vredenburg Utrecht, UT, 3511 CW Netherlands (map)

Give your dreams the gift of a solid strategy so they can become reality!

A new year. 2018. If you could dream, what are you hoping to accomplish this year?

And if you’re serious about your dreams and your business, why leave it to chance? There are no guarantees in life, but a solid strategy greatly increases your chances of hitting the mark!

Taking the time to think about your mission makes it much easier to make decisions. Motivation is always near because you know why you do what you do. 

Taking time to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship creates room for creative thinking and solutions. Like x-ray vision to see clearly.

Taking the time to think of a solid strategy might not be the sexiest. But it gives you a plan and confidence; gives you focus to go twice as fast. And that’s damn sexy!

Reclaim your time that you spend worrying about this or trying to figure it our yourself by following the Strategy Session.

Give yourself this gift to be hosted through this. 

January 18-19, 2018 or January 25-26, 2018.

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For Who

For creative entrepreneurs, working independently or with a partner. In the beginning stages of your business, perhaps having already hired someone.

In the past years participants ranged from: Photographers and film makers, designers and IT-specialists, trainers and coaches, jewellery makers and chefs, painters and change makers.

NB: Feel this is what you need, but you don’t fit the description exactly? This could still be for you. Maybe you’ve been working for yourself longer? Or you’re more of an intrapreneur, causing havoc in your company? Contact me and we’ll see if it’s a match!

Two versions

The journey will take you from your dreams, to formulating a mission and crystallising your goals for the year. We’ll think of your business case, your value proposition and marketing activities. And we’ll break it down into actionable steps, focus and a planning. 

To make it as much of a fit with you as possible, this year, I offer two versions of the Strategy Sessions. For about 75% of the program, both make the same journey. But the time we’ll take to visit each stop is different. 

Version 1: MISSION

This one has extra focus on your developing your mission and your goals for the year. We'll spend extra time on designing your compelling future and will dive into why you do what you do.

This is for you when your main questions is WHY and WHERETO. This is the one on 18-19 January.


This one has extra focus on building the right business structure. We'll spend time on the business fundamentals (finance, pricing and marketing). And we'll take more time designing the right structure so that everything you do is aligned to help you reach your goals.

This is for you when you want to clarify your WHYand your goals but it's with the HOW where you want the most help. This is the one on 25-26 January.

So, think of what question is most alive in you and sign up for the one that fits best.

How we’ll work

In this training, I'll use all the models, live-hacks and techniques that I've collected and adapted over the years. It'll be an eclectic mix of approaches.

From high energy games, to slowing down to reflect.

From brainstorming, to decision making.

From teaches on theory, to you finding our what is true for you.

From learning individually, to helping each other.

It’s you and a maximum and 5 other entrepreneurs. I like working in such a small group so I’ll have the space to really work with each of you.

Why believe me?

I’ve been organising workshops and my own trainings for the last 6 years. In the last 3 years, I’ve helped over 40 entrepreneurs in 6 of these strategy sessions. 

Every time I organise it, I overhaul the program to improve upon the previous edition. I add my current thinking on entrepreneurship and what I’ve discovered to be most useful in helping entrepreneurs plan for their year.


I like to work on a "pay as you feel" basis. For each of you, the session will have a different value. So, after the training, you yourself are the one who determines what it was worth it to you. Hard to go wrong there.

This, of course, can be strange and difficult. So, I’ve come up with three rules. 

1) The range of the price is €125-€250 (excl. VAT). I’ll send you an invoice afterward.

2) You place your number on that line based on a) How much value it has brought you and b) How much you can miss.

3) Other than that, you’ve got complete freedom to come up with the number. No judgement. Honestly.

Practical Information

When: January 18-19, 2018 (alternatively on January 25-26, 2018).
Time: Two days from 9:30 to 16:30.
Where: De Stadstuin, Europalaan 20, Utrecht.
Availability: I've limited the session to 6 people max. 
Price: Pay-as-you-feel between €125-€250 (excl. VAT).
Language: English. Or Dutch when we all speak it.

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