I'm more confident because I know what's important.

Getting clear on my values helps align my business. I have more confidence in the future because I know what's important and that my plan is solid.

The coaching sessions kept me on point and aligned. They helped me take action quicker and in the right direction.

Tijmen's style is informal, pleasant and spacious.

- Samuel Beltman of SeoSlim

After the program we knew where we want to go and how to sell it.

The program from Tijmen is just great. I really enjoyed it and learned so much. Before we went in, our company didn't really have a direction. But after the program we knew where we want to go and how to sell it. I definitely recommend it.

- Pim Hermans of Studio Pressplay

I gained much more from the course than I had even hoped for!

All the different ideas I had in my mind started to take (a better) shape as the program was developing. And now I know what I need to do.

The experience is engaging, full of information and very reflective. It's also an intense training on empathy and vulnerability, in a good way.

I would say that the program is both for early career entrepreneurs, and for professionals who want to take the next step. This mixture is very beneficial as you get to meet and interact with truly diverse and interesting individuals.

- Constantina Georgiou of Among the Ants

Man, this dude has a lot of knowledge in him!

"Tijmen showed me that running a company is more than putting a product out there and hard work. It’s thinking smartly about who you want to serve and how to do so in a way that helps you both!

He calmly explains everything in a way so you get it. The evening, after spending two days with him, I was working with revamped energy and completely fixed up my shop."

- Jasper Jochems of Kildale Bikes

Daring to choose what you stand for

"Joining a masterclass is about granting yourself the time to think about the future of your business without the distractions of everyday life. It’s deep and practical. It’s going from chaos to focus. And, even the topics that typically are not the sexiest (looking at you, finance) are covered in a fun way.

Tijmen will help you leap past your fears to choose what your business stands for and who you serve. He’ll challenge and advise you. And, you’ll definitely leave with more energy than how you came in."

- Lianne Bijleveld of Into the New

More than a basic check-up

"Every once in a while you bring your car to the garage for a check-up. Oil level, alignment, tire pressure, do all the lights still work?

The Strategy Intensive was this for my company and a lot more. And as an extra service, we also looked back at the roads traveled the previous year and the roadmap for the coming period.

I can recommend this engineer whole-heartedly!"

- Freek van der Pluijm of Re-Volt

When having an impact is important to you.

If having an impact is important in the work you do, get clarity on how to make it real with a few sessions with Tijmen. Our's were a dynamic combination of journaling, discussion, brainstorming and pitching.

Working one-on-one as opposed to a group setting was immensely beneficial: it gave us time to examine contexts, scenarios and ideas that ultimately made the outcome feel particularly thought-out and personal.

- Pawel Porowski of Real Bread

Focus in my work allowed me to grow and make decisions.

Coaching with Tijmen has helped me bring focus and structure into my work. This has enabled me to make the decision to hire my first employee (and soon a second).

I know now what company I want to build and the work I want to do (and don't). Something I - at some level - already knew but couldn't 'get to' in my daily operations of running my business.

In our conversations, I was able to sit with these questions long enough to let the answers come into focus. Something that always slips in my daily routine. He's easy to talk to, informal, and direct when needed.

- Wendy Grootscholten of Studio Playground

From Strategic to super Practical

Tijmen makes you think about the strategy of your company and helps you translate that to products or services.

You’ll see what your prices need to be (or how many hours you need to make) to support your living. And you and him set a number of super SMART-goals for the coming months. From strategic to super practical.

Plus, small size of the groups creates a lot of space for each other and personal stories. Try it out!

- Marc van der Laan of 3voor12 Utrecht