A dance between creativity and structure

What I offer: Hosting of processes, 

I live on the intersection of two worlds.  The one world is orderly, filled with structure and productivity. This is my background in physics, my business experience as a consultant and systematic thinking.

The other world is filled with creativity, chaos and innovation. The new ideas, free thinking and creative entrepreneurs. 

Both worlds are great and it's comfortable to stay in the one if that's what you're used to. But, things grow stale without creativity and projects don't take off without the appropriate structure. They both need the other for true innovation.

In everything I offer, I aim to infuse your world with the best of the other so you can thrive more.

How I approach it/With what experience


Concrete manifestations

Hosted Processes

Team days, Decision making processes, 


Disruptive Mindset

Get your team thinking creatively

Growth Mindset

Learn to think in growth and progress instead of in fixed results.

Designing Learning Journeys

Learn how to design workshops, educational programs or personal learning journeys

Listening & Higher level communication


Personal Manifesto