For Creative Entrepreneurs

No matter how chaotic, I'll find order. I love helping creative entrepreneurs (freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs) in taking their business to the next level. In masterclasses and trainings, I give you the right amount of structure to support your creativity.

I help with (1) getting clarity on what it is your Work, your purpose and your mission are; (2) the structural side of your business like strategy & finance; and (3) with helping you increase your creative output.

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Go deep in this 2-Day Strategy Intensive


For Organisations

Running a business is complicated. Your day-to-day work is so full that it is hard to develop new ideas for the future or to really make an upgrade to your company's learning culture and effectivity. 

I love helping you with the mirror-image of the problems creative entrepreneurs face. While they often need some order, organisations can't seem to get enough of it. I help you in loosening up the order for new creative solutions to appear. 

I can share an inspirational boost (by form of talk or workshop) to help you break free of your patterns. Maybe your company or team are in need for a spark of innovation. This will surely shake things up.


A guided tour through my CurioCabinet through which we'll discover the 10 commandments of curiosity. After the talk you'll get new tools to be creative and get a more curious outlook on life. Perfect for teams or events that need a fresh perspective and a creative boost.

Workshop Curiosity Mindset

In this bombastic workshop,  your playfully experience the difference in a fixed mindset and a mindset of curiosity. You'll learn to think passed the status quo and come up with more disruptive innovations. Perfect for teams that want to internalise a more curious way of working and learn how to ideate like never before.


Or maybe you want to change something systemically in your company. For example, when there is a need to collectively define the company's vision or a need to make a shift in the companies learning culture.

Hosting in Co-Creating Next Steps

In facilitated processes, I offer you the space to explore. Loosen up your assumptions and allow you to dream and build again. 

I host your team or organisation through a custom-designed process with your team/company to a) co-create your company's culture, b) discover your company's vision, and/or c) innovate a product. Great for leaders of a company, teams or small/medium-sized companies.

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