A letter to the most important person

Write a letter to yourself. A letter about yourself and what you value; your hopes and dreams for yourself; and your commitment to creating the business and life you envision for yourself.

Go to https://www.futureme.org, write your letter and set the delivery date to March 1st.

Include in the letter:

  • What have you discovered about yourself during this program?
  • Your values and vision.
  • Your motivation why you are absolutely committed to create that vision.
  • Your intention for your life and work.
  • Spread in some compliments to yourself. You did great!
  • Your business strategy for bringing this vision into reality.
  • The 3-month goal that would lift your business to a new level that you are absolutely committed to achieving.
  • Everything you've been meaning to tell yourself.

When it lands in your inbox, feel free to share how that was with us in the Slack-group!