Instead of research, a deep dive into your values or making hard choices, share your progress, mission statement and how we can help you.

1. Progress

Update us about your progress. Since last week, what new things about you and your business have become clear? What action have you taken? What were the results.

2. Mission Statement

Share you new Mission Statement. You are allowed to fill it in for "people like us" and in a way that it resonates with and is understandable for people you wish to serve.

Format: I am … , I help ......... (who) do/accomplish ......... (what) by ......... (method) in order to/so they ......... (what for)

I do this because I ......... (why). My strategy to make this happen is to ......... (how). In 5-10 years, I envision it could be ......... (whereto).

(who) Who do you do it for? What do they want and believe?

(what) How do these people change or transform as a result of what you give them?

(method) Your action/added value. What do you do? What do you feel extremely qualified to teach others about?

(what for) What do (all) these people need? What does it enable them to do?

(why) What’s your reason/motivation for acting?

(how) What is your strategy to create this change/business?

(whereto) What is your vision where you see it going?

3. Help

How can we help you make this happen?

Perhaps something is still unclear. What's the question you still sit with. We can give a million new questions for you.

Or, who do you wish to meet? What are you hoping to learn? What specific type of clients/needs do we need to keep an eye out for, for you?

Or something else! Invite us to help you!