Pricing Research

Time to do some research! What are others charging for similar services?

Knowing how your prices stack up to what others charge allows you to be more tactically with your prices. And you get a better idea of what products, styles and markets are out there and how they differ. But, it also bloody gives you more confidence when you're talking about money with a potential client. Being calm in those situations is half of the trick in making more money for the work you do.

Start researching 3-4 colleagues (or more) in the field and find out:

  1. What do they charge per hour. Or, if not per hour, how do they price the product they sell?
  2. Who do they sell to? How would you describe their customers?
  3. What is the level of quality they deliver? Think of quality, both in terms of their level of skill, but also of how it matches the needs of the clients they serve.
  4. What justifies a higher price in this field? How does the perception of the product and the one delivering it change? Sometimes there are clear conventions what each price-point looks like in terms of quality of work. Sometimes it's unclear. Also great, that means no conventions and it is up to you!

Call people you know in your field, scrape their websites for clues, ask people you know they've worked for, ask them for proposals (ok, maybe don't waste that much of their time).

  1. Lastly, what would you deliver to your clients, when you were forced to charge twice as much?