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2-Month Strategy Program Spring '19

  • tbd Utrecht Netherlands (map)

Become as business savvy, as you’re a creative genius.

A program for creatives who want to level up their business.

A two-month program, February 1st - March 31st. A blend between offline sessions, online homework. You, together with a cohort.

Tired of playing small? Ready to do more and go further?

Tired of being afraid of the numbers of your business? Ready to get business savvy?

Tired of feeling like you’re in a jungle of possibilities but unsure options to pick? Ready to feel like you’re in control?

Want clarity, confidence and focus to run a successful creative business on your terms? This program will give you just that!

We'll create a clear vision for your business. I'll teach you how to structure your business. We'll develop an effective and generous marketing strategy. And, we'll make sure you focus on the most important work done.

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It’s like a fog has lifted. Instead of being confused by all the options, it’s clear what path to take.

Who is it for?

This is specifically designed and perfect for independent creatives/freelancers, who:

  • offer creative services or products to clients;
  • have been at it for a half to roughly 3 years;
  • mostly organise their business on blind intuition and want to level up and become more business savvy.
  • are committed to playfully do some heavy lifting and learn!

To name a few who I've helped previously:

  • Photographers, designers and film makers; communication specialists, writers, musicians and IT-specialists;
  • Trainers, facilitators, change makers and coaches;
  • Jewellery makers, bakers, chefs, bicycle specialists and painters.

Teams of 2 can fit this bill too. Contact me if that's the case. More or less experience but still feel like you want to join? Contact me!

This is not to be taken lightly. We'll do real work and heavy lifting! While the set-up allows you to do this on your own schedule.

This is not a start-up accelerator. This is not for entrepreneurs mass-producing generic products.

Bring it on! Now I know what to do.

The set-up: How does this work?

The program runs for 2 months (or 8 weeks). It is a mix between online and offline. Online material, homework and connection with your cohort; and offline workshops.

The Material

Every week, I'll share material/lessons on a part of your business and I'll give you a homework exercise to do. These force you to go from "yeah yeah, I understand" to really applying it to you and your business and making decisions.

You can finish the exercises during that week at a time that fits your own schedule. Plus, you'll asked to give feedback to 3 of the others. And, thus you'll be getting feedback as well!

The Cohort

All the while, you'll be connected to me and your fellow participants through an online platform (we'll use Slack). Your cohort is your peer group with whom you share your journey. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Being on this journey together holds you accountable to keep chugging along. Plus, of course, it's way more fun together!

You'll exchange questions, lessons, tips. And you'll be asked to share your homework with the co-hort and give others feedback. Obviously getting feedback is super valuable.

But giving feedback the secret lever to supercharge your learning that's hiding in plain sight. It forces you to zoom out and look at someone else's business. To let go of the objections you see in your specific case. Through this, you'll gain a new level of understanding of your own business.

Plus, sharing your goals with each other gives you allies in the work and keeps you accountable!

The Workshops

Every other week, we'll have a live workshop. They'll take place in Utrecht, on Wednesday evenings, every other week (on February 13 and 27, March 13 and 27). During these, we'll build on lessons from the homework exercises and redesign your business together.

The 4 sessions each have a different focus.

  1. Purpose (February 13): Aka you and your dreams. Whereto do you want it to lead? Why do you do what you do? And, what is your Work?
  2. Marketing (February 27): Aka you and the other. Who is it for? How do you design your marketing so you can market effectively? And, what do you do to increase your sales?
  3. Business Model (March 13): Aka you and the it. What is your business model? What do you price the products in your portfolio? And, we'll design the path for growth fit for you?
  4. Personal Leadership (March 27): Aka you and your critical self. How to go forward? How to get out of your own way and do it? And, what's the hard part of your business?

Go the extra mile!

For those willing to go the extra mile. I offer to (max) 3 participants the opportunity to also get two 1on1 coaching sessions during the program. In the 1on1 coaching, together, we'll develop a strategy specifically for your business and I'll give you personalised advice and feedback.

Time Investment

This is not for the faint hearted. Not for the ones hoping to change their world by skimming over some content. You will need to get to work! However, we'll be there along the way. And the more you put in, the more you get out. And you can schedule this when it fits your schedule (but advisable to do so during the same week).

You'll be asked to do homework, share it and give feedback to 3 others. It's up to you to decide how much time you spend on this. It can be done in around 1-4 hours a week (not including the workshops).

Again, it's largely up to you. The more you give, the more you get.

I experienced an unexpected relaxation from the increased clarity and overview that I gained

Price it yourself

I like to work on a "pay as you feel" basis. For each of you, the session will have a different value. So, after the training, you yourself are the one who determines what it was worth it to you. I’ll send you an invoice afterward. Hard to go wrong there.

This, of course, can be strange and difficult. So, I’ve come up with three rules.

1) The program has a price range. A minimum and a maximum price. For this program it's €300-600 (excl. VAT). The 20% early-bird discount ran out December 10.

2) After the training, you place your number on that line based on a) How much value it has brought you and b) How much you can miss.

3) Other than that, you’ve got complete freedom to come up with the number. No judgement. No questions asked. Honestly.

For the package including the 1on1 coaching, the price range increases by €150-200 (excl. VAT) (normal value €300 excl. VAT).

I was always bad at planning and structure, now I notice myself helping others with it.

Practical Information

When: The program runs from February 1st to March 31st, 2019.

Date & Time of the Live Sessions: 4 Wednesday evenings 18:30-22:00, on February 13 and 27, March 13 and 27.

Where: tbd. Utrecht.

Availability Full Strategy Program: I've limited the number of people who can join the complete course (and thus the live sessions) to 8 people max. 3 people can also join in on the 1on1 coaching offer.

Price: Two Flavours. The Full Strategy Program has a Pay-as-you-feel range between €300-€600 (excl. VAT). The additional price for the 1on1 coaching is €150-200 (excl. VAT).

Language: English. Or Dutch when we all speak it.

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