The CurioCaWhatNow?

In the renaissance, rich lords had these collections filled with strange objects whose - as wiki puts it - "categorical boundaries were yet to be defined". A collection they had carefully curated to include the most curious of objects that would blow away their fellow lords with their worldliness. Such a room was called a cabinet of curiosities (or Wunderkammer). CurioCabinet for short.

In this monthly newsletter, I'll take you on a tour through my CurioCabinet. It's filled with objects that will make your head spin and that will bring a bit of curiosity to your life. These can be articles, quotes, insights, book passages, objects, trends etc. It's your monthly dose of curiosity. A little fix-me-up for your Curiosity-muscle so you can live a more curious life.

And it will consist of my ongoing exploration of curiosity. What does it mean to be curious? How can I be more curious? And what can I do to help others be more curious. Follow me, on my quest to get to the bottom of this.

I would love you help with this quest! So send me the things that make your antennas of wonder go off. Or the insights you have in how we can nurture more of it in our lives.


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