Robin Sharma - The Methods for SuperHuman Productivity

Productivity hacks are all around on the internet. But just reading about them doesn’t make you more productive. So I’m going to experiment with a few. In these two articles there are 4 tips for productivity:
The 20/20/20 formula - Start your morning with 20 minute blocks of exercise, prioritizing and learning.
The 90/90/1 rule - For 90 days, spend the first 90 minutes of your day on your number 1 priority
The 60/10 method - Work in 60 minute sprints and relax for 10. You can use Pomodoro for that.
The 30 second habit - Take 30 seconds after every meeting to write down the most important points for retention.

Will you join me? Send me a message which one you’ll try out! And we’ll create a little group online to compare notes :)!